FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 1000-1630

Hijra Community-Based Organizations’ Use of Social Media in India: Understanding Community-Building and Representation through Facebook
Delfi Chinappan (Queensland University of Technology)

Female Doctoral Researchers from India and China in German Computer Science
Katharina Losch (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences )

Broadband and Inequality: Implications from Rural Households in Rajasthan,India
Anushruti Vagrani (IIT Delhi)

Symbiotic Relationships in Sharing Economy: An Exploratory Study of Transportation Digital Platforms in New Delhi, India
Ravinder Kumar Verma (IIT Delhi)

A Multi-Objective Optimization Framework for Task Automation
Arvind Upreti (IIIT Bangalore)

Perceptions of Opportunities and Barriers in the Use of Mobile Phones by Women Community Health Workers
Manjula Venkataraghavan (Manipal University)

Gender and Development in the Digital Social Enterprise
Oindrila Matilal (IIIT Bangalore)

“Seeing the State” through Open Government Data (OGD)
Rajesh Hanbal (IIIT Bangalore)

Family Online and Offline Participation: Opportunities and Challenges in Improving Neighborhood’s Environment
Mehri Shahzeidi (Alzahra University)

Spheres of Influence - Role and Influence of Social Networks on Technology Adoption and Habit Formation
Nanjundi Karthick Krishnan (University of Michigan)

Indigenous-Tailored Information Technology Education
Richard Caneba (Pennsylvania State University

Understanding Public Harassment Experiences on Social Media and Methodological Reflections on Field Research in Bangladesh
Fayika Farhat Nova (Marquette University)

Phone-Based Systems to Support Maternal Mental Health in Rwanda
Vikram Kamath Cannanure (Carnegie Mellon University)

Virtual Intermediaries and Ecologies of Care
Karthik Bhat (Georgia Tech)

Feminist Technologies in India: A Collective, Situated Approach to Bridging the Gender Digital Divide
Palashi Vaghela (Cornell University)

Designing for the Parenting Actor-Network of Latino Immigrants
Marisol Wong-Villacres (Georgia Tech)

Makerspaces Supporting Rural Repair
Esther Jang (University of Washington)

Social Construction of Information and Communication Technologies: A Study of the Selected Departments of the Government of Assam
Tripti Das (IIT Guwahati)

Bibliometric Analysis: Information Technology for Development (IT4D) Journal in the period 1986 to 2018
Prashant Sinha (IIM Ahmedabad)

Crafting and Building Social Connections: Supporting Trafficking Survivors in Nepal
Aakash Gautam (Virginia Tech)

Broadening Internet Accessibility for Rural Indigenous People Groups through Culturally Informed Last Mile Strategies
Esther Showalter (UC Santa Barbara)

Online Petition at Country Level Perspective
Riri Kusumarani (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)