Negotiating Intersections: Saturday, January 5, 1025-1155

Online Sexual Harassment over Anonymous Social Media in Bangladesh

Fayika Farhat Nova (Marquette University)
Md. Rashidujjaman Rifat (University of Toronto)
Pratyasha Saha (Dhaka University)
Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (University of Toronto)
Shion Guha (Marquette University)

The Unexpected Entry and Exodus of Women in Computing and HCI in India
(Previously published at ACM CHI 2018)

Divy Thakkar (Google Inc.)
Nithya Sambasivan (Google Inc.)
Purva Yardi (University of Michigan)
Pratap Sudarshan (Google Inc.)
Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan)

“Untouchable” cellphones? Old caste exclusions and new digital divides in peri-urban Bangalore
(Previously published in Critical Asian Studies 2018)

Ananth Kamath (Azim Premji University)

Designing for Intersections
(Previously published at ACM DIS 2018)

Marisol Wong-Villacres (Georgia Tech)
Arkadeep Kumar (Georgia Tech)
Aditya Vishwanath (Georgia Tech)
Naveena Karusala (University of Washington)
Betsy DiSalvo (Georgia Tech)
Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech)

Conceptualising the link between information systems and resilience: A developing country field study
(Previously published in Information Systems Journal 2018)

Richard Heeks (University of Manchester)
Angelica Ospina (International Institute for Sustainable Development)

Engaging Mobilities: Saturday, January 5, 1430-1600

From needs to aspirations in information technology for development
(Previously published in Information Technology for Development 2017)

Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan)

Aspirations-Based Design

Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech)
Marisol Wong-Villacres (Georgia Tech)
Naveena Karusala (University of Washington)
Aditya Vishwanath (Stanford University)
Arkadeep Kumar (Georgia Tech)
Azra Ismail (Georgia Tech)

Fresh Insights: User Research Towards a Market Information Service for Bihari Vegetable Farmers

Matthew Ziegler (Loop, University of Washington)
Lokesh Garg (Loop)
Shailesh Tiwary (Loop)
Aditya Vashistha (University of Washington)
Kurtis Heimerl (University of Washington)

Characterization of Internal Migrant Behavior in the Immediate Post-Migration Period using Cell Phone Traces

Lingzi Hong (University of Maryland College Park) 
Jiahui Wu (University of Maryland College Park) 
Enrique Frias-Martinez (Telefonica Research)
Andres Villarreal (University of Maryland College Park) 
Vanessa Frias-Martinez (University of Maryland College Park) 

Embedded CNN based vehicle classification and counting in non-laned road traffic

Mayank Singh Chauhan (IIT Delhi)
Arshdeep Singh (IIT Delhi)
Mansi Khemka (Delhi Technological University)
Arneish Prateek (IIT Delhi)
Rijurekha Sen (IIT Delhi)

Financing Matters: Sunday, January 6, 1025-1155

An Interpretable Produce Price Forecasting System for Small and Marginal Farmers in India using Collaborative Filtering and Adaptive Nearest Neighbors

Wei Ma (Carnegie Mellon University)
Kendall Nowocin (CoolCrop)
Niraj Marathe (CoolCrop)
George H. Chen (Carnegie Mellon University, CoolCrop)

Effective Credit Scoring Using Limited Mobile Phone Data

Alain Shema (Syracuse University)

"Cashing Out": Digital Payments and Resilience Post-demonetization

Nanjundi Karthick Krishnan (University of Michigan)
Aditya Johri (George Mason University)
Ramgopal Chandrasekaran (University of Michigan)
Joyojeet Pal (University of Michigan & MSR India)

Are Technology-enabled Cash Transfers Really ‘Direct’?
(Previously published in Economic and Political Weekly 2018)

Vivek Srinivasan (Libtech India Group, India)
Rajendran Narayanan (Azim Premji University)
Dipanjan Chakraborty (IIT Delhi)
Rajesh Veeraraghavan (Georgetown University)
Vibhore Vardhan (Cornell Tech)

Taming the Amazon: The Domestication of Online Shopping in Bangalore, India

Priyank Chandra (University of Michigan)
Jay Chen (NYU-Abu Dhabi)

Supporting Infrastructures: Sunday, January 6, 1430-1600

Uncovering Mobile Infrastructure in Developing Countries with Crowdsourced Measurements

Mah-Rukh Fida (University of Edinburgh)
Mahesh K. Marina (University of Edinburgh)

Tool Smiths in Off-Shored Work: Socio-Technical System of Quality Testing in India

Venkataratandeep Suri (IIIT Delhi)
Nimmi Rangaswamy (IIIT Hyderabad)
Tanmay Joshi (IIIT Hyderabad)
Meghna Joshi (IIIT Hyderabad)
Sneha Nanavati (IIIT Hyderabad)

Nurture: Assisted Pediatrics for Indian Parents

Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech)
Rajesh Chandwani (IIM Ahmedabad)
Julie Kientz (University of Washington)

Challenges and Opportunities in Connecting Care Recipients to the Community Health Feedback Loop

Fabian Okeke (Cornell Tech) 
Lucas Nene (Independent Researcher)
Anne Muthee (Medic Mobile)
Stephen Odindo (Living Goods)
Dianna Kane (Medic Mobile)
Isaac Holeman (Medic Mobile)
Nicola Dell (Cornell Tech) 

PocketATM: Understanding and Improving ATM Accessibility in India

Sudheesh Singanamalla (MSR India)
Venkatesh Potluri (MSR India)
Colin Scott (MSR India)
Indrani Medhi-Thies (MSR India)

Deploying Design: Monday, January 7, 1000-1130

99DOTS: A Low-Cost Approach to Monitoring and Improving Medication Adherence

Andrew Cross (Everwell)
Nakull Gupta (Everwell)
Brandon Liu (Everwell)
Vineet Nair (Everwell)
Abhishek Kumar (Everwell)
Reena Kuttan (Everwell)
Priyanka Ivatury (Everwell)
Amy Chen (Everwell)
Kshama Lakshman (Everwell)
Rashmi Rodrigues (St. John's Medical College)
George D'Souza (St. John's Medical College)
Deepti Chittamuru (UC Merced)
Raghuram Rao (Central TB Division, Government of India)
Kiran Rade (World Health Organization, India)
Bhavin Vadera (World Health Organization, India)
Daksha Shah (RNTCP, Government of India)
Vinod Choudhary (RNTCP, Government of India)
Vineet Chadha (Central Leprosy Teaching and Research Institute)
Amar Shah (USAID)
Sameer Kumta (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Puneet Dewan (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Bruce Thomas (Arcady Group)
William Thies (MSR India)

Resource Allocation for Handling Emergencies Considering Dynamic Variations and Urban Spaces: Fire Fighting in Mumbai

Vaibhav Kumar (IIT Bombay)
Krithi Ramamritham (IIT Bombay)
Arnab Jana (IIT Bombay)

The Open INcentive Kit (OINK): Simplifying the Generation, Comparison, and Deployment of Incentive Systems

Noah Klugman (UC Berkeley)
Santiago Correa (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Pat Pannuto (UC Berkeley)
Matthew Podolsky (UC Berkeley)
Jay Taneja (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Prabal Dutta (UC Berkeley)

Participatory Data Collection and Management in Low-Resource Contexts: A Field Trial with Urban Refugees

Ying Xu (Penn State University)
Carleen Maitland (Penn State University)

‘‘When words become unclear’’: unmasking ICT through visual methodologies in participatory ICT4D
(Previously published in AI & Society 2017)

Caitlin Bentley (Nanyang Technological University)
David Nemer (University of Kentucky)
Sara Vannini (University of Washington)

Fostering Community: Monday, January 7, 1400-1530

Are You Magicians? The Collaborative Work of an Agricultural Information Service

Lars Rune Christensen (IT University of Copenhagen)
Hasib Ahsan (mPower)
Mamunur Rashid (Welthungerhilfe)
Badal Kumar Das (mPower)

An Analysis of Community Mobilization Strategies of a Voice-based Community Media Platform in Rural India
(Previously published in Information Technology for International Development 2018)
Aparna Moitra (University of Delhi)
Archna Kumar (University of Delhi)
Aaditeshwar Seth (IIT Delhi)

Experiences from a Mobile-based Behaviour Change Campaign on Maternal and Child Nutrition in Rural India

Dipanjan Chakraborty (Gram Vaani)
Akshay Gupta (Gram Vaani)
Gram Vaani Team (Gram Vaani)
Aaditeshwar Seth (IIT Delhi, Gram Vaani)

An Attempt at Using Mass Media Data to Analyze the Political Economy Around Some Key ICTD Policies in India

Anirban Sen (IIT Delhi)
Priya Kumari (IIT Delhi)
Pooja Aggarwal (IIT Delhi)
Manpreet Singh Agandh (IIT Delhi)
Aditya Guru (IIT Delhi)
Debanjan Ghatak (IIT Delhi)
Sravan Verma (IIT Delhi)
Aaditeshwar Seth (IIT Delhi)

Facebook’s “Free Basics” and Implications for Development: IT Identity and Social Capital
(Previously published at HICSS 2017)

Moonjung Yim (University of Washington)
Ricardo Gomez (University of Washington)
Michelle Carter (Washington State University)



SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 1630-1800

Digital Literacy Training, Impact & Moderating Role of Perceived Value among Unemployed Women in India
Tuheena Mukherjee (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade)
P Vigneswara Ilavarasan (IIT Delhi)
Arpan K Kar (IIT Delhi)

Creating an Electronic Medical Record System to Support Mobile Clinics in Haiti
Sunyoung Kim (Rutgers University)
Theresa Allen (Rutgers University)
Damini Bhatt (Rutgers University)

Privacy and Security Guidelines for Humanitarian Work with Irregular Migrants
Sara Vannini (University of Washington)
Ricardo Gomez (University of Washington)
Bryce Clayton Newell (University of Kentucky)

Dynamics of Technological Mediation: A Case of Television White Space Deployment
Richard Caneba (Penn State University)
Carleen Maitland (Penn State University)

How a digital inclusion initiative at the Philippines affect capabilities of people with disabilities
Karsten Eskelund (University of Manchester)
Brian Nicholson (University of Manchester)
Richard Heeks (University of Manchester)

Understanding Mobile Money Grievances from Tweets
Kushal Shah (University of Washington)
Shrirang Mare (University of Washington)
Richard Anderson (University of Washington)

Bimodal IT Career Aspirations in Bangladesh
Tsuyoshi Kano (University of Michigan)
Abdul Matin Sheikh (BacBon Ltd.)
Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan)

Nonparticipation of Bangladeshi Women in #MeToo Movement
Naeemul Hassan (University of Mississippi)
Manash Kumar Mandal (Khulna University of Engineering and Technology)
Mansurul Bhuiyan (IBM Research, Almaden)
Aparna Moitra (University of Delhi)
Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (University of Toronto)

Iterative Design of an Urdu Language Based Information Dissemination System for Low-Literate Farmers
Fahad Idrees (ITU Lahore)
Junaid Qadir (ITU Lahore)
Hamid Mehmood (ITU Lahore)
Saeed-Ul Hassan (ITU Lahore)
Amna Batool (ITU Lahore)

M-Pesa adoption and usage: A qualitative study of young Kenyan entrepreneurs
Jenna Grzeslo (SUNY New Paltz)

Food-Availability SMS System for U.S. Homeless Communities
Nisha Mohan (University of Michigan)
Abhraneel Sarma (University of Michigan)
Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan)

Twitter Discourse as a Lens into Politicians' Interest in Technology and Development
Lia Bozarth (University of Michigan)
Joyojeet Pal (University of Michigan)

GAIUS: A New Mobile Content Creation And Diffusion Ecosystem For Emerging Regions
Talal Ahmad (New York University)
Yasir Zaki (NYU-Abu Dhabi)
Thomas Pötsch (NYU-Abu Dhabi)
Jay Chen (NYU-Abu Dhabi)
Arjuna Sathiaseelan (GAIUS Networks)
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian (New York University)

Designing a Financial Management Smartphone App for Users with Mixed Literacies
Udayan Tandon (MSR India)
Lavanya Siri (MSR India)
Apurv Mehra (MSR India)
Jacki O'Neill (MSR India)

‘Shada Baksho’: A Hardware Device to Explore the Fears of Using Mobile Phones among the Rural Women of Bangladesh
Sharifa Sultana (Cornell University)
Shaid Hasan (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
Khandaker Reaz Mahmud (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
S.M.Raihanul Alam (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (University of Toronto)

Data Driven Monitoring of Thermal Profile: Towards Sustainable Urban Habitats
Surabhi Mehrotra (IIT Bombay)
Priyanka Mary Mammen (IIT Bombay)
Krithivasan Ramamritham (IIT Bombay)
Ronita Bardhan (IIT Bombay)

Ethical standards for the ICTD/ICT4D community: A participatory process and a co-created document
Andy Dearden (Sheffield Hallam University)
Dorothea Kleine (University of Sheffield)

The Datafication of Anti-Poverty Programmes: Evidence from the Public Distribution System in Karnataka
Soumyo Das (IIIT Bangalore)
Silvia Masiero (Loughborough University)

Reflecting on Development through Digital Family Stories in Bangladesh
Nova Ahmed (North South University)
Farlina Barik (North South University)
Zareen Tasnim (North South University)
Jasmine Jones (University of Minnesota)

#autism: Twitter as a Lens to Explore Differences in Autism Awareness in India and the United States
Naveena Karusala (University of Washington)
Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech)
Rosa Arriaga (Georgia Tech)

Bonus and promotions for affordable communication?
Salomao David (Communications Regulatory Authority - INCM)
Americo Muchanga (Communications Regulatory Authority - INCM)

India’s “Uberwallah”: Profiling Uber Drivers in the Gig Economy
Shantanu Prabhat (IIIT Hyderabad)
Sneha Nanavati (IIIT Hyderabad)
Nimmi Rangaswamy (IIIT Hyderabad)

ICT Adoption in Executive Training for Development: Blending Digital and Physical Communication and Awareness Channels
Geneviève Féraud (UNCTAD)
Adrian Holzer (University of Neuchâtel)
Denis Gillet (EPFL)

Indigenous Internet: Nuances of Native American Internet Use
Esther Showalter (UC Santa Barbara)
Nicole Moghaddas (UC Santa Barbara)
Morgan Vigil-Hayes (Northern Arizona University)
Ellen Zegura (Georgia Tech)
Elizabeth Belding (UC Santa Barbara)

Evaluation of IoT gateways for developing communities: Smart Maputo
Salomao David (Communications Regulatory Authority - INCM)
Ermanno Pietrosimoli (University of Los Andes)
Marco Zennaro (International Center for Theoretical Physics)

Money Matters: Exploring Opportunities in Digital Donation to Mosques in Pakistan
Amna Batool (ITU Lahore)
Naveed Ahmed (ITU Lahore)
Muhammad Waseem Rasool (ITU Lahore)
Umar Saif (ITU Lahore)
Mustafa Naseem (University of Michigan)

The Role of ICTs in Refugee Lives
Ashwed Patil (Indiana University Bloomington)

Exploratory Study about Organ Donation and Organ Transplantation in Pakistan
Khushbakht Naveed (ITU Lahore)
Aqsa Khalid (ITU Lahore)
Zofishan Hameed (ITU Lahore)
Adeena Hamid (ITU Lahore)
Beenish Fatima (ITU Lahore)
Amna Batool (ITU Lahore)

Improving Financial Condition of Small Scale farmers through mobile based crop suggestion services
Syed Taha Bilal Gilani (ITU Lahore)
Ahmed Shahzad (ITU Lahore)
Shahzaib Ahmad Malik (ITU Lahore)
Rana Abdul Haseeb (ITU Lahore)
Beenish Fatima (ITU Lahore)
Amna Batool (ITU Lahore)

Beyond Saving: A Case for Agency-First Approach Against Domestic Violence
Aakash Gautam (Virginia Tech)
Chandani Shrestha (Virginia Tech)
Deborah Tatar (Virginia Tech)

A Rights-based approach to Open Government Data
Rajesh Hanbal (IIIT Bangalore)
Amit Prakash (IIIT Bangalore)

Consejero Automatico: Chatbots for Supporting Latino Parents' Educational Engagement
Marisol Wong-Villacres (Georgia Tech)
Hayley Evans (Georgia Tech)
Danielle Schechter (Georgia Tech)
Betsy DiSalvo (Georgia Tech)
Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech)

Findings of User Study Conducted for Understanding Training of Rural ASHAs in India
Shimmila Bhowmick (IIT Guwahati)
Keyur Sorathia (IIT Guwahati)

ICTs as Catalysts in Child Protection Programmes – Current Landscape in South Asia and a Concept to Inform Future Use
Balwant Godara (Terre des hommes Foundation)
Nihaalini Kumar (Terre des hommes Foundation)
Frederique Boursin (Terre des hommes Foundation)
Gatienne Jobit (Terre des hommes Foundation)
Amara Amara (Terre des hommes Foundation)
Thierry Agagliate (Terre des hommes Foundation)

Developing a Bangla Currency Recognizer for Visually Impaired People: a Deep-Learning Based Approach
Hasan Murad (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
Nafis Irtiza Tripto (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
Mohammed Eunus Ali (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)