The Young Researchers Night at ICTD X in Ahmedabad will be on the evening of January 4, 2019 (1830-2030 in Room SR7). The goal of this reception is to bring together young researchers in an informal environment and provide the space to interact with more senior colleagues working in ICTD and experts who have been through the journey. We wish to provide a space for networking where you can chat with future collaborators and mentors to forge long-lasting ties.  

The Young Researchers Reception is mainly targeted to benefit ICTD scholars who are in the early stages of their research (age no bar). This may include students (Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D.) as well as industry professionals who have recently started pursuing research in the field of ICTD. The reception will not include formal research presentations, but we do plan to have some fun ice-breaking sessions and look forward to your participation in the same.